Energy Work Sessions

Energy Work Sessions

What is an Energy Work Session?

Blake Goode

Energy Work covers the area of energetic healing (Reiki, Healing Touch to name a few) as well as techniques like guided meditations and manifestation practices.  

My name is Blake Goode and I have partnered with Ashley Medford to build our vision of Stoney Creek Oasis into a Healing Retreat into a reality that merges my experience with energy work, consciousness and healing with his over 40 years experience as a master grower, helping cancer patients with medicinal cannabis.

I have practiced energy work and the arts of meditation for over 35 years, helping others to heal, open up to greater potential and to become conscious creators in the manifestation of their lives.  

My own journey with energy work began in my early childhood experiences and experiments with dreamwork, lucid dreaming and out of body experiences.  As I progressed in these experiments I learned first hand of the Great Awareness (Higher Self) within which all consciousness and experience resides.  I trained myself to maintain awareness as my body fell to sleep at night, passing smoothly into the dreamworld with unbroken consciousness.   This initiated me into an ever growing identification with the Creative Energy behind all things, and resulted in a lifetime filled with enlightening experiences and breakthroughs in awareness and consciousness.  If you are willing, I am here to further assist you along your way.

These energy work sessions are a journey inward to finding your clear intent, supporting you along the way towards your higher possibilities.

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